Graduate Profile

The UPJ Visual Communication Design department aims to produce graduates who are able to design visuals based on creativity and local cultural colors that can adapt to new media in line with the demands of the global industry.  Graduates have the skills of data literacy, technology literacy and HR through lectures that integrate theory with experience in studios and in the field. 
After completing the learning process of UPJ Visual Communication Design Department, the graduates will: 
  • Be able to produce graphic design work that meets the requirements and needs for visual communication problems. 
  • Be able to develop creative visual designs that depict distinctive characters and local culture and are capable of responding to global challenges. 
  • Have written and verbal competence to define and analyze visual arts and graphic design through writing, conceptual creation, research, theoretical studies and visual arts criticism. 
  • Have a professional mindset that is prepared to compete in the global industry. 
  • Master and develop the techniques required to incorporate forms and content specific to the field of visual communication design in traditional and new media. 
  • Demonstrate competence with a professional portfolio that meets industry expectations through professional design practice. 
  • Act as a Visual Communication Designer ready to work as a professional or an entrepreneur in the area of Visual Communication Design. 
  • Continue education at the master’s level in order to enter the academic community.