Semester  I and II

  • Required basic courses. 
  • Studio learning system; introduction and understanding of basic visual vocabulary as a material for the introduction of visual communication language.
  • Experiments, studio works, discussion, and presentation.

Semester III and IV

  • Applied learning, understanding the applications of various printed and electronic media.
  • Master the theory and the skills in visual communication design and how to implement them in media.
  • Studio learning system with free access to computer and photography laboratories.

Semester V and VI

  • Research project and field work in the area of media and creative industry.
  • Master the knowledge and the skills needed for promotion and campaign media projects from a product or service.
  • Studio learning system with free access to computer and multimedia laboratories.

Semester VII dan VIII

Analytical stage of learning. Learning is carried out individually in order to allow students to solve problems in the field of visual communication and to apply the principle in the media selection strategy.